Sunday 26 March 2017

Recetas españolas/ Spanish recipes

Spanish recipes

Tortilla de patatas
     I have some friends/family over for a visit and suddenly I can smell hot olive oil, I run to the kitchen and I can see half of my precious olive oil bottle in a pan ready for cooking!! Noooo… too late! It doesn’t matter if I explain I don’t cook like that anymore, and if I need to fry something that way I use sunflower oil instead-much cheaper.  (I know, right? How could I cook Spanish food with sunflower oil?!)
It’s true, the gold liquid makes a difference in cooking. If you have a few potatoes in your kitchen here are some easy ideas for some Spanish plates which are based around potatoes and also some tricks to make them taste the Spanish way.

     I’m pretty sure you have tried “tortilla de patatas” or “Spanish omelette”. All you need is four medium potatoes peeled and cut into small cubes. The secret is to fry them in olive oil; it changes the taste of the potatoes. Once you have fried them, put them on the side. In a bowl you need to beat three/four eggs well and add the fried potatoes. This mix needs to be cooked in a hot pan and you will need to turn it over like a pancake. Always nice with a tomato salad!

Patatas a lo pobre
Plato Alpujarreño
     “Patatas a lo pobre” “poor potatoes” is a typical plate from the South of Spain. The potatoes need to be peeled and cut into slices, plus some green pepper and onions - add salt as you like. Throw everything in a pan with hot olive oil and fry until its ready- when the potatoes are soft. In Granada, to be more exact in La Alpujarra, this kind of potatoes are served with fried eggs, chorizo, black pudding and ham  on the side, it’s call “plato alpujarreño”…Not very healthy but just delicious!

Ensaladilla rusa
Don’t fancy fried food? Let’s boil the potatoes then to make “ensaladilla rusa” “russian salad”Boil and mash some potatoes, but mash them alone, without milk or butter. Also boil 1 egg and some peas.
The secret to this recipe is small pieces - Whilst they are boiling, chop peppers, carrot and onion, into small pieces and add tuna and sweet corn.
Then put all the ingredients into a bowl and add salt, pepper and 3/ 4 or 5 tablespoons of mayonnaise to taste. Then mix it all together and leave it to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

I love all of them, which one is your favourite?

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